Ewelina Sośniak

A graduate of Graphics Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. A scholar at Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music in Japan. A laureate of numerous competitions and participant of country and foreign exhibitions. Distinguished, among other things, by the Scholarship of Culture and National Heritage Minister in 2010 and by the Scholarship of the City Council in Wrocław in 2008 – for achievements in art. Participant of Pienkow International Art Workshop, organized by Marek Maria Pienkowski’s Foundation, whose collection includes a few of her pictures. She is engaged not only in painting, but also in graphic designing and illustration.

Selected Exhibitions:

– Praque Salon – Screen printing, 81 Stopni Gallery, Warsaw, 2016
– Abatises, Platon Gallery, Wroclaw, 2015
– Ewelina Sosniak – Paintings, Junony 12 Gallery, Gdansk, 2014
– The others, Platon Gallery, Wroclaw, 2014
– Seasonal Colors, 81 Stopni Gallery, Warsaw, 2014
– RELated, Kuratorium Gallery, Warsaw, 2013
– Graf/o/mania, BWA, Wroclaw, 2012
– The most outstanding young painter of the first decade of the twenty-first century, Pienkow, 2011
– GamES – diploma exhibition, EMDES Gallery, Wroclaw, 2010
– HITO – Czytelnia Sztuki, Gliwice, 2010
– FLĄDRO-SOŚNIAK, EMDES Gallery, Wroclaw, 2009
– Self-portrait- International competition, Stalowa Wola, 2009
– Young Polish Painting – Lower Silesian Art, Ostrale Dresden, Nuremberg, Bad Reichenhall, Wiesbaden, Aachen, 2009
– In and Out/ Intentions, EMDES Gallery, Wroclaw, 2009
– Golden leggins, black eye-glass, Tokyo lights, Szewska 36 Gallery, Wrocław, 2009
– POLISH LIMITED EDITION project, Design Gallery Foro08, Tokyo, Japan, 2008

Selected Achievements and Distinctions:

– Grand Prix of the “The most outstanding young painter of the first decade of the twenty-first century” contest, Pienkow, 2011
– Scholarship of Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Warsaw, 2009
– Scholarship of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Tokyo, 2008/07
– Scholarship of Town Council city of Wroclaw, 2008
– II Prize in “Dialog Competition of Painting and Drawing”, Wroclaw, 2007
– The Prize awarded by the Rector of Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poznan, 2007
– Prime Minister’s Scholarship, Warsaw, 2003